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Design Philosophy

In recent years, Stanley, Love-Stanley, P.C. (SL-S) has been recognized for the quality of its design work. The trademark of the design work of SL-S is not embodied in a distinguishable style or architectural vocabulary. Rather, the distinctive quality of the firm’s work relies upon the fact that each design solution is a singular response to a given set of unique criteria and conditions. No two projects are alike; therefore, no two designs need to be the same. The criteria are the facility's images, its program of need, and the objectives for the project. The specific conditions are the physical and technological influences that the program dictates as well as how these effect both the building and its entire environment. By analyzing and responding to each of these influences, the firm arrives at a design solution that is particularly and uniquely appropriate for the project. In summary, the Design Team's philosophy of design is to strive to provide an innovative, cost effective and ideal solution in light of the client’s project objectives.